Apple iPhone 12 to have an improved Face ID?

Apple iPhone 12 to have an improved Face ID?

Published on 27 January, 2020

The new Apple iPhone 12 to have an improved Face ID?

There are a million different things to consider when one opts to buy a priced item like that of the stature of an iPhone. Considering that, we at MySmartBazaar with our team of experts and professionals have made it super convenient for you to find the relevant specs, notable features and distinguishing factors that will make your shopping experience an awesome one!

The last major phone from the technology giant was the iPhone 11 Pro Max in early April 2019. With 2020, a new technological decade is about to begin and Apple would like to be at the forefront of it, hence the launch of the iPhone 12 matters a lot. 

If some tech rumours are to be believed and following suit of the earlier iPhone rumours, which about eighty-per cent turned out to be true then we are in for a powerhouse of a smartphone.  

Likely to roll out in early September of 2020, the iPhone 12 is set to feature an improved Face ID, 3D Time-of-Flight camera and most possibly 5G support. That’s however, just the cream.

An analyst from a reputed firm has also been heard saying that the new iPhone will be available in the first-time-ever Navy Blue colour.  

Anticipatory air around Apple executive reveals that a combined total of five iPhones might be launched, out of that 4 will belong to the Phone 12 series. These are expected to be the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.
However, one variant is also hoped to be the iPhone SE 2 might also be called the iPhone 9. Rumours suggest that all iPhone 12 phones will have OLED displays and are expected to be available in the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch screen sizes.

The major improvements come in the form of hardware upgrade and in its Face ID trademark. It is however likely that Apple will involve the upgrade to the Face ID sensor on the iPhone 12 to make the facial recognition quicker and increase its fidelity to different face types.
The iPhone 11 saw some enhancements in the Face ID-based with iOS 13 and iPhone 12 will ensure to take it to another level!

The fresh batch of iPhones in 2020 are expected to offer a more solid update to the hardware and software alike, since iPhone X. Add to that, the 5G support, the iPhone 12 Pro models are said to come with 6GB of RAM and be powered by the all-new A14 Bionic chipset and likely to be base-priced at Rs.74,000 onwards

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