The forecast of the smartphone industry looks promising with 20 big brand launches in 2020

The forecast of the smartphone industry looks promising with 20 big brand launches in 2020

Published on 07 January, 2020

The forecast of the smartphone industry looks promising with 20 big brand launches in 2020.

While 2019 was a dumbfounding year for smartphones, and September the noisiest among them all, you already know what to expect from 2020. With Apple that launched its series 11 and One plus unveiled its 7T and 7T Pro, we could contemplate 2019 ended with a bang on. Though, nothing has been confirmed yet, still there are some hush hush news of the 2020 upcoming launches that is bigger and better. So, start saving, by then we will take you across some expected launches of the year. 

1.Apple iphone SE2- Dropping the market with a thud would be iphone SE2 or to be known as iphone 9. The second generation iphone SE that is said to be the most affordable in the entire apple 2020 launch. 


2.Apple iphone 12 pro max- After the triple lense feature in the iphone 11pro max, the company is again set to launch the iphone 12 pro max with newer  features and elegance.


3.Samsung Galaxy S20- Joining the brigade of Samsung smartphones, is Galaxy S20, a version launch of the famous Galaxy S10. A smartphone that is said to be the new competition quivering the market.  


4.Samsung Galaxy fold 2- The company is assuring the model of Galaxy fold 2 is going to change the metrics of this year. though the first in the series couldn’t hold the market well, hopes remain high for the arrival of Galaxy Fold 2. 


5.Samsung Galaxy Note 11- The year is definitely starting on a good note and it with this Smartphone being introduced to the market in the later part of 2020, it is expected to end well too. 


6.One Plus 8T- The company is now competing with the  giants and grabbed the market way soon with its extraordinary features and emphasised flawless display. With its next launch being 8T, it surely is expected to be a showstopper. 


7.One Plus 8- Expected launch date is somewhat near May-June, however, you might take a sneak peek at the model even today. Go grab a glance. 


8.Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro- Though the Note 9 is already a hit, Xiaomi is soon expected to launch the pro version of the smartphone somewhere near the end of March 2020. With 108 MP camera, it is considered one of the most awaited Xiaomi phones, till date. 


9.Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro- Will it be better than its successor K20 pro or take it to the next level? Only a promising launch is planned at present and then you decide for yourself.


10.Pixel 4A- Google is back and with two back to back launches of Pixel 4A and Pixel 4A XL. With the best one can get and the trust that people have over this reputed company. We can only keep our fingers crossed. 


11.Pixel 5- Following up the ritual, after the successful launch of Pixel 4A and 4A XL, Google will prepare for its massive unwind of Pixel 5 later in the year. 


12.Realme X3 Pro- This year would also witness the introduction of the X3 pro model of smartphones by Realme. They are best known for developing budget smartphones with incredible features. 


13.Realme 6 pro- Expected to launch this January, at 14,999 rupees. This version of the 6 series is an absolute stunned at this price point. 


14.Oppo Reno 4- Oppo, known as a camera phone, is transforming its technology. We hope it is only for good. With the Reno series launched in the market the previous year and modifying it achieve better audience, Oppo is all set to rule the smartphone industry. 


15.Nokia 9.1 Pure View- With QI wireless charging, dual-band Wifi, this Nokia 5G smartphone is soon be in the market and up for grabs. 


16.Nokia 6.3- The 6.2 came with 3 rear cameras, and the industry awaits what’s new for the upcoming launch of Nokia 6.3 smartphone. 


17.Asus 7Z- The specifications for Asus 7Z is still not revealed by the company and still there is hype that is already created among the people. 


18.Poco F2- With a year of gap, Xiaomi is all set to launch their second generation phone Poco F2. 


19.One Plus 8 Lite- The January launch of the 8 lite smartphone by One plus is said to be a photographers scepter. With three rear cameras, One Plus keeps on surprising us with modern design powered by excelled display and performance. 


20.Apple iphone 12- It can’t be better when you know apple is launching its iphone 12 after the hefty appearance of iphone 11, last year in September.


These are the upcoming smartphones launches that are lined up for this year. Never miss these if you want to make this year a happy one.       

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