Bitten by Corona - Apple’s  new iPhone series launch delayed

Bitten by Corona - Apple’s new iPhone series launch delayed

Published on 17 March, 2020

Bitten by Corona - Apple’s  new iPhone series launch delayed

iPhone 12 and iPhone 9, which were awaiting a red-carpet welcome within a few months, are reported to delay further due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The most anticipated mobile phone launch of the year has been postponed as Apple goes tight on its production. If that is not bad news for gadget freaks, we don’t know what is?  Apparently, the smartphone giant is as badly affected by the spreading virus as humans are. 

According to a report in Bloomberg, the iPhone SE2 launch is delayed by a month as per its supply chain expert Elliot Lan. He also added that the delay which is primarily caused by the spread of the virus has also erupted because of some supply issues. “Both supply issues as well as the weaker demand environment from COVID-19.”

Apple’s  new iPhone series launch delayed in india

Apple’s biggest partner Foxconn has closed its factories in China which has disrupted the entire supply chain and is not expected to reopen anytime before the end of March. Though a hard blow, the company is trying to launch both the products as soon as possible and not let the expectations of people put on hold. With production units shutting shown or shifting to less-affected countries, global launches and conferences getting cancelled all over the world and companies encouraging work-from-homes there’s no wonder if we hear further extension of launches from most of the tech giants. 

A recent report from Digitimes reveals more about the scenario and estimates the revival of the Apple’s production units by September. If so, the product could hit the market only by October 2020. This is because of the travel restrictions put over the Apple engineers that is leading to a hindrance in the operations. Even the problem occurred with the 5G smartphone that needed thorough verification by the product engineers without which it can’t be passed on to the public. Further to that, it is mentioned that "if the spread of the virus cannot get under control and the EVT is further delayed after April, Apple's 5G iPhone, or the iPhone 12, devices could miss the shopping season for 2020."

According to Apple, not just China, but the entire world market is suffering due to the perilous nature of the disease and it will be experiencing demand issues if the U.S. market mounts into recession. Even its other best launch iPhone 9 which was expected to launch this march, would be launched not before June. Will they miss their seasonal launch time or its competitor Google’s upcoming Pixel 4a beat it in their own race? Though there is still time, the situation is highly chaotic. While we could only wait for both iPhone 12 and iPhone 9, we may as well cross fingers and count upon the researchers to find an antidote that would control the situation around the world.

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