Coronavirus affects production of Pixel 4a & 5: Google moves operation to Vietnam

Coronavirus affects production of Pixel 4a & 5: Google moves operation to Vietnam

Published on March 05 , 2020

Coronavirus affects production of Pixel 4a & 5: Google moves operation to Vietnam

The sudden and unexpected outbreak of the Coronavirus has not only claimed lives, but has also impacted the economic and business scenario. China being the epicentre of the virus, has been forced to shut down its mainstream industries including manufacturing and trade. This has taken a toll on the international companies that have set up their manufacturing/business units in China and who are now seeking substitute locations to diversify their operations.

Some of the tech titans who are shifting their units from the Mainland include Google and Microsoft. Google, who had outsourced the production of their smartphone series to China, has halted the launch of its new budget smartphone Pixel 4a due in May 2020.  Due to the graving situation in China, the search giant is making plans to shift their production to Southeast Asia, to countries like Vietnam and Thailand. Pixel 5, the company’s next generation smartphone may soon see its production rooted in Vietnam.   

According to reports from Nikkei Asian Review, Google had already started to move its operation last year to an old Nokia factory in Vietnam which was transformed to manage the production of the latest Pixel series. There have been various speculations about this delay due to the unforeseen circumstances, but we are yet to get a final answer from Google. However, this series is important for Google as the earlier Pixel 3a range was a big revenue generator.

According to sources, the built-in parts like the camera, the Nest Mini smart speakers and IoT devices are expected from Thailand in the first half of this year. This will facilitate the production that was to begin by the second half of 2020 in Vietnam. Google has already moved the production of its data centre servers to Taiwan last year. However, the company is still facing challenges because many of the parts and materials that are required for the final assembly are manufactured in China.

Like Google, Microsoft is also planning to shift out of China to Vietnam. Their operations for production of notebooks and desktops are expected to start in northern Vietnam this year. Another big brand in the smartphone biz, Apple is already shifting its production slowly to India.

It is quite unclear when the situation in China will improve and by when can it revive completely from the loss. As more and more companies follow the suit, we will see new emerging base locations and production units of these big giants in the digital industry in various parts of Asia.

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