Leaks and rumors - Gear up for the all-new AirPod 3 from Apple

Leaks and rumors - Gear up for the all-new AirPod 3 from Apple

Published on March 16 , 2020

Leaks and rumors - Gear up for the all-new AirPod 3 from Apple

Winning hearts for over decades, one of the most iconic smartphone manufacturers of all times, Apple has announced its plan to launch yet another version of its leading genre of AirPods. Although the naming of the model is not yet completely announced, the new AirPod is expected to conform to the branding conventions of Apple. The gamut of exciting features the Apple family brings with each of its products is not worth debating. A great extent of carefully crafted elements goes into the conceptualization and materialization of each of Apple’s products and AirPods are no exception. This striving towards innovation and excellence is what makes AirPods one of the globally best-selling headphones.

Salient Features of the AirPod 3

Although this is not the first AirPod from Apple, the AirPod 3 or Pro is expected to have an edge over its predecessor on a number of grounds. While the AirPod has won hearts with a bunch of interesting features, the incredible sound and comfy fit coupled with an eye-catching gaze is what makes AirPod 3 one of the most sought after earphones. You can compare the specifications of other headphones at MySmartBazaar.

AirPod 3 comes with a comfortable fit and unparallel audio experience

Although there have been so many lightweight ear-phones in the market as you can also check out at MySmartBazaar, AirPods have been instrumental in changing the entire wireless audio experience. The Pro version is expected to go a step further with its uniquely customized and easily adaptable flexible silicone earbud that promises to fit every ear.The AirPod 3 or AirPod Pro is also expected to carry innovative vents to equalize air pressure for a smooth wear.

Active noise cancellation and transparency mode are some salient features of AirPod3. In addition, it is expected to come with a seamless connectivity framework. A simple tap would allow seamless pairing with other devices such as a Siri or a charging port.

Why MySmartBazaar?

As with any leading brand, there are always a stream of loyal followers. The much awaited AirPod which is expected to hit the markets by the second quarter of 2020, is anticipated to be power-packed with a host of exciting features. While it is hard to restrain yourself from making a quick purchase, it is always great to compare prices and specifications in detail. This is where MySmartBazaar would definitely be of great help. Not only would you find leading products from multiple brands sold across large e-retailers like Amazon and Flipkart, to be able to compare product prices and specifications, but also be able to get access to latest deals and discounts available for the best investment.

Check out more details of the unique product launch soon at MySmartBazaar and ensure not to miss our updates about the latest deals and offers available.

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