Google Pixel 6 and Future Chromebooks

Google Pixel 6 and Future Chromebooks

Published on April 19 , 2020

Each Google Pixel cell phone that has propelled so far highlights a Qualcomm processor. That, in any case, could change soon, as per the most recent reports from SamMobile and Axios.

The report from SamMobile claims that Google is building up its own chipset in a joint effort with Samsung and that the SoC could make its introduction in the following leader cell phone from Google, perhaps the Pixel 6. The distribution additionally guarantees that Samsung, aside from helping Google build up the processor, will likewise be answerable for assembling it.

The report from Axios further includes that the codename of this up and coming processor is Whitechapel. The production says that the SoC will be based on a 5nm assembling process and that it will have eight ARM CPU centers, Google's own AI core(s), and unique equipment to help in Google Assistant's consistently on include. In addition, Axios likewise guarantees that this SoC could in the long run advance into Chromebooks.

The Pixel cell phones are sold in many less numbers than the leader cell phone from Apple and Samsung. What's more, by then, does it bode well for Google to go through huge amounts of cash to build up an extraordinary chipset for a cell phone that will sell in less numbers? All things considered, just Google knows the response to that question. What's your opinion about Google's arrangement to make a custom chipset? Do you figure it will work out for the brand? If you don't mind drop your remarks on it.

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