Leaks of Samsung Galaxy S20 in india

Leaks of Samsung Galaxy S20 in india

Published on March 17 , 2020


An upgraded new device, a pre launch date set-up, an accidental leak and pictures briefly updated on a German website! That is what happened with the new Galaxy S20 and Samsung this year. The Android police blotched the screenshots of the two individual hands-on shots on the website. But, this little error indeed gave the curious public a peek-a-boo on tips such as, the camera’s bump behind the phone is long and vertical, the front camera comes in a hole-punch configuration and that the cover is grey LED which makes the device look like a starry night sky, not substantial enough.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the most moderate new Galaxy S series phone. It's likewise the most compact device in Samsung's flagship lineup. While the Samsung Galaxy A71 has won hearts with a number of interesting features and has qualified as one of the most sought after phones from Samsung. 

Captivating Specs

A depiction: Samsung S20 looks a great deal like Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10, with curved edges and the display nearly kissing the metal frame. They come in some extremely smart shades like Cosmic Black and Cosmic Gray, as well as brighter colors such as Cloud Blue and Cloud Pink, with more modest prices.

Obvious features: Samsung S20 measures 6.6 x 2.9 x 0.34 inches, weighs 7.7 ounces, with a 1440x3200 resolution support and the infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED screen and a centered punch-hole. This is doubled in comparison to the 60Hz rate - Galaxy S10 and 90Hz rate – OnePlus.

Cameras: The triple rear camera has a 12-MP wide sensor and is 1.8 microns; it is a Single Take Camera mode and has 120 Hz refresh rate design. The phone lens uses a 64MP sensor and is 0.8 microns.

An accomplishment: Samsung S20 is dichotomized with robust 12GB of RAM, which allows you to store up three apps directly in the RAM and also comes with a 28GB of storage. Samsung S20 passed the GFXBench graphics test and reached 1,319 frames and beat OnePlus 7T which was at 1,169 frames.

Samsung S20 supports 5G network and operates on sub 6-GHz,  hitting downloads as high as 183 Mbps. This network needs a huge battery to work throughout the day, and has a 4,000 mAh battery, a big jump.

Samsung Galaxy S20 is fitted with Samsung’s new One UI 2 software and rides on Android 10. Some other software’s include Music Share- shares Bluetooth connection with your car, Spotify integration with Bixby routines - recommends playlists depending on your preference and the moment of the day.

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