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Apple Airpods Generation Next Over-ear Headphones  leaked and much awaited

Apple Airpods Generation Next Over-ear Headphones leaked and much awaited

Published on March 19 , 2020

Apple Airpods Generation Next Over-ear Headphones - leaked and much-awaited!

After rumours of Apple’s much-talked-about over-ear headphones doing its rounds since 2018, the slick and the ‘very much apple’ earphones are unmasked in a leak. The newest in the Airpod range seems to have finally arrived, after initial development challenges through 2018 and ’19.  Recently the team at 9To5Mac revealed an early iOS 14 code, panning the spotlight on to some minimum features and clues of the long awaited AirPods.

Whether Apple was planning an event for its NextGen earphones soon isn’t sure for now, but as COVID-19 halters not just product launches but the entire life around the globe, we would be happy with the leak-peek as of now.

The leaked base model shows a traditional model with a padded frame that speaks of comfort elements and earpads that are smaller than the outer shell. Though the glyphs show models in both white and black, we believe the earphones might arrive in the iconic Apple White formula!

Whether these high-end, all-new earphones in traditional comfort are equipped with the brand’s W1 chip, as in the Airpods, is yet to see.  As per reports from 9To5mac, the earphones are wired in such a way as to pause automatically if you remove them and resume play as soon as you wear them again! Cool news for the hands-free Gen Z!

As there is very little detail that has leaked out in terms of more specifications and features, we assume, from earlier versions, that there could be the one-tap Bluetooth pairing and wireless feature as well!

One may expect sweet Siri whispering in your ears too, going by the iterations of the Airpods available now.  As the revealed IOS 14 code could have been from the company’s preparations back in 2019, we could expect partial or perhaps total revamp on the design and elements.

Hearing more news on Apple’s production units undergoing location-shifts and shut-downs thanks to the epidemic, we do not know whether the tech giant would satisfy us with a press release or online event soon or postpone the launch of its new earphones. If not in March, then perhaps we could expect better news for September, as is usual with the Apple releases! Keep browsing MySmartBazaar for more updates on Airpods and much more from the tech world!

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