Xiaomi has launched a new pair of Mi Dual Driver earphones in India.

Xiaomi has launched a new pair of Mi Dual Driver earphones in India.

Published on February 28 , 2020


People have a special zeal with their headphones and earphones. Over recent years, the number of swanky headphones has increased, as people are opening up to high-end audio.  Their design defines simplicity and convenience, two attributes that make headphones attractive and highly-demanded and very popular among Generation X.

And as the saying goes, ‘because your ears deserve the best’, India’s number one smartphone and smart television brand has launched a new assortment of headphones, the Mi Dual Driver headphones now at just Rs. 799 in blue and black colour variants.

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Mi Dual Driver Headphones Features and Specifications

This is the first in-ear headphone in India that comes with a dual driver unit, very similar to other dual driver earphones, the new headphones are built to focus on more than one frequency, unlike single driver earphones.  It ensures good performance on high and mid frequencies. It uses a 10mm driver and an 8mm driver for the earphone.

The Mi Dual Driver In-Ear headphone comes with passive noise retraction, the headphones are attached with braided cables to each other magnetically, to make it stay tangle-free. The playback controls are done by a 3-button controller. The 3.5mm port is mounted at 90 degrees, which provides maximum compatibility.

Effortless features that includes 

  1. elegant carbon look
  2. lightweight
  3. scratch proof
  4. fingerprint resistant
  5. anti-slip earplugs

Many people lead a quick paced life and consume their complacent on the go. The Mi Dual Driver In-Ear Earphones are built to suit this pace. It segregates the range of different frequencies and conveys much fuller sound through the dual diaphragm drivers. The audio requirements meet the present age buyer with a focus on bass, treble, mids and not to leave out a unique signature sound.

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