In Quest of the old and the rustic – Through Cornwall, Fowey and the Hall Walk - Lantic Bay Trail

In Quest of the old and the rustic – Through Cornwall, Fowey and the Hall Walk - Lantic Bay Trail

Published on March 09 , 2020

In Quest of the old and the rustic – Through Cornwall, Fowey and the Hall Walk - Lantic Bay Trail

If you are enticed by the idea of those long country walks in a cold England, nothing suits better than the South West Coastal town of Cornwall. With pleasant weather even during the intense English winters, a walk through this old town throws you right back to the retro moods of old Classics.

For avid readers of English classics and novels the walk through Cornwall is a mystic experience. The muted shady paths and dense woods the limestone kilns and the bay could bring back the moods and narratives from the novels of Susan Cooper, Winston Graham and the old moody classics of Daphne Du Maurier.

Hall Walk is a lovely trail lying high above the River Fowey shaded by trees, bordering blossoms and dense woodlands. The Hall Walk trail from Fowey to Lantic Bay will come around 4 miles plus a few extra miles as per the deviations you take. The long trail takes you through a blended experience of walking, hiking and ferrying with stunning views of the English County to relish on. There are frequent boat services that run from Fowey to Polruan across the estuary.

The trail-map will guide you from Fowey to the fishing village of Polruan, past its 14th century rectangular blockhouse, and to Lantic Bay along the South West Coast Path. The quiet country lane will take you through some dense woodland and to the cosy little hamlet of Pont Pill.Crossing the picturesque Pont Quay you hike through a steep climb to the top of the valley, to pass Arthur Quiller-Couch memorial. The descending route to the riverside village of Bodinnick – home to Daphne’s old family home, Ferryside - offers you some amazing views of Fowey harbour.

Another breathtaking view is that of the St. Catherine’s Castle from the Blockhouse in Polruan. The rocky promontory that protrudes into the River Fowey can give you a terrific view of the town if you are adventurous enough to climb up!

Havener’s Bar and Grill, in Fowey, situated on the harbour front, would give you a cosy stay with all the simplistic charm of English country life. The bays and hamlets seem to jump right out of the novels of Charles Dickens with rough rocky terrain and stone buildings. As you walk along the trail, you might get that goosey feeling that the immortal London detective could walk by, smoking his pipe and deep in contemplation, with dear old Watson tagging along, in search of the “Devil’s Foot”!

Centuries might have reworked the social canvas but Nature stands untouched. Or perhaps render the impression of being frozen in time.

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