Salvador, Brazil - Your 24-Hour Itinerary to Exploring Salvador

Salvador, Brazil - Your 24-Hour Itinerary to Exploring Salvador

Published on April 02 , 2020

Salvador, Brazil - Your 24-Hour Itinerary to Exploring Salvador

Who doesn’t like travelling the world? There are so many exciting and wonderful places to explore and if you’re an avid traveller, Salvador must be on your checklist. The Brazilian city on the Atlantic coast is certainly going to amaze you with its rich local cuisines and a unique culture that will surely captivate you.

If you are a traveller, you certainly know that no amount of time you spend in a new place is going to be enough to suffice your soul. Your heart may seem to wish to stay more and spend more time in such beautiful places. However, some places can be covered in a single day so that you can optimize your budgetary considerations as well as ensure not to miss out any bit of the fun. Here, we discuss the must-do things - places to visit, local cuisines to try out if you have just 24 hours in hand to explore the beautiful city of Salvador.

A Visit to Local Markets

Anywhere you go, you always want to bring back home pieces of memories along with some tangible assets such as local art, a unique food item or a fridge magnet. The São Joaquim market is a beautiful place to hop around and buy souvenirs or even go shopping for local fruits and eatables. Who does not want to capture such beautiful places in a photograph. For this, you should not forget to get along with your camera. If you do plan to buy one, you may visit MySmartBazaar, which is an exclusive online marketplace to buy cameras.

If you are travelling solo to the city of Salvador and are on a low budget, and imagine you don’t have that expensive DSLR to captivate the morning sun or the relaxing freshly brewed coffee somewhere in the middle of the historic streets of the Salvador town, then you should carry a selfie stick with you for sure. Pelourinho is a worthvisit to admire the portugese style homes. You could video record the street performance exhibiting the local drum culture at Olodum.

Try Out Local Food

It is a must to try out local food in Salvador. The Sao Joaquim is a place where you would find everything from marketable products to bring to your home country to  incredible recipes in this city. Recanto Da Lucia is a fine breakfast place if you are craving a delicious morning meal. They do serve a wide variety of meat items ranging from pork to meat seasoned with rich aromatic flavours and in mouth watering taste with a tinge of spice . 

Among the must try foods in Salvador are - Acaraje, which is an afternoon meal served in the state of Bahia and a favourite street food for its splendid taste. Moqueca, which is a clay-pot stew of seafood, is another all time favourite and comes from the North eastern part of Brazil.

Serene Beaches

The serene beaches of Salvador are a must-visit if you are in Salvador. You need a high quality camera lens to capture such picturesque scenes and if you need to buy a lens then MySmartBazaar is the right place to stop by before you’re planning your trip. Not only do you find high quality camera lenses of various types but we also guide you with comparisons across multiple brands and models so that you can select the one that is best and within your budget.

Planning a trip is never easy and especially fitting it within a day is a bit daunting too. Nevertheless, if you have researched well and are carrying the gear you need to captivate the boundless beauty of Salvador, you certainly would enjoy the vacation. Shop for your favorite travel gears and kits at MySmartBazaar to have an exciting time in Salvador.

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