Your Ultimate One Day Guide in Rio de Janeiro

Your Ultimate One Day Guide in Rio de Janeiro

Published on 20 February, 2020

Your Ultimate One Day Guide in Rio de Janeiro (What To Eat, See, and Do)

Brazils’ most populous and frequently visited tourist destination is Rio De Janeiro.The second largest city in Brazil and a true cosmopolitan hotbed of culture, history, heritage,  music festivals, football and food - Rio De Janeiro is also known as the “samba” capital of the world. 

It is hot for most parts of the year, but during the months of November & December are frequently rainy. The city caters to about 12 million yearly visitors and has some excellent infrastructure, tourist destinations and attractions you’ll ever find in the Southern Hemisphere.  

Welcome to Rio De Janeiro where the people, the food, the culture, the sports scene, the beauty, the art & architecture will sweep your feet away. 

A Pleasure to your eyes

Christ the Redeemer: Well, no one in the world can come to this city and not see Christ the Redeemer. This wonder of the world is a must-see attraction. It’s an iconic spot for just the best selfies but is at an astonishing 2,300 foot height and is at a beautiful vantage point to view the entire city.  

Jardim Botânico: If you want to see paradise it is here. This botanical garden is spread across 340 acres and is home to more than six-thousand flora and fauna. The garden has seen the most famous people as visitors such as  Albert Einstein and is a premier place for botany and ecological research.  

Copacabana Beach: You come to visit Rio and you don’t come to the iconic Copacabana Beach? Well, that is impossible. This public beach is located in the centre of the up class Zona Sul neighbourhood. Perhaps one of the most popular beaches in Rio, it stretches to about 2.5 miles and is home to Historical Museums of the Army and Copacabana Fort. 

Sugarloaf Mountain: A monolith of 1,300 feet. It is comprised of quartz and granite that travellers can choose to see with the help of a “glass wall” cable car. Departing every 20 minutes, it is a double car journey to the summit of the mountain.  

Let your taste buds run wild

Street Food is one the most popular ways to eat locally if you're dropping in Rio. Hot sausages are really a rage in Rio and you can probably get a great one by visiting any local store in and around Copacabana beach. Sausage Sandwiches with the best fillings are wholesome treats and really light up your taste buds.
Cafe Rex in downtown Rio is another popular spot but not widely known amongst tourists and travellers. Here the Roasted Chicken over charcoal is a delicacy not to be missed. To roast the chicken they use charcoal over a fire and that gives the meat a smoky taste like none other places could. The Cachaca, the famous Brazilian cane sugar liquor made out of coconut is very sweet and preferred by the localities as a merry drink with chicken.

Rio de Janeiro is a city that never leaves you thoughts, the warmth in the people, the mouth-watering meals that keeps you salivating for more, and of course, a magnificent city under the backdrop of the beautiful beaches and mountains. This is a city that could keep you up at night. Rio De Janeiro is a spectacular landscape surrounded by jungles and greener and is truly one of the most brilliant & beautiful places to visit on earth.

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