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Price List In India – Air Conditioner.

As summer fast approaches, one’s pockets are feeling the heat as well, with prices of coolers and air conditioners soaring high. Picking the right air conditioning is a challenging task especially if you are running on a budget. It takes a lot of asking around and ‘ad-gazing’ before finding your “perfect match”! Why waste your time and energy when all you need is to scroll through the pages of MySmartBazaar and pick the right one for your home and budget.

Authentic product & price comparison

With a wide range of products from home appliances and electronic goods, MySmartBazaar offers the most authentic and detailed price comparison of leading brands in air conditioning. Much information and consideration go into the choosing of an Air Conditioner, especially as unlike other home appliances it isn’t used throughout the year. Hence an established brand that ensures a good warranty period and annual maintenance is a must.

MySmartBazaar helps you with effective research and comparison of air conditioners from leading brands like Samsung, LG, Daikin, Haier, Bluestar, Carrier, Voltas, Lloyd, etc with the best deals from prominent e-tailers like Amazon and Flipkart.

Choosing the perfect AC

If not chosen right, the product could consume huge amounts of power and drive your electricity bills high. Air conditioners draw more power to get started and shut off than running. It is essential to check that the model you intend to buy stay running at a stretch for a considerable amount of time and do not shut down as soon as the room cools down. Such short cycling could not only raise your bills but take a toll on the device as well. The energy control feature in LG and Daikin not only accelerates cooling but saves on electricity as well.

Indian brands like Voltas gives the best value for money and are adaptable to the climate providing intense cooling even at peak summers. Some of the brands like Hitachi feature active dehumidifiers and advanced filters that ensure fresh and healthy air.