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Compare And Buy Price List In India – Air Coolers

Come summer and the demand for Air Conditioners and Coolers escalates to soaring heights. Air Coolers are preferred widely as they are power savers and economical when compared to air conditioners. Air Coolers come in with various functionalities – coolers that are personal and cools up just your personal space, like the bed or near the computer while you work. They don’t cool the entire room. 

Choosing the best – Air Coolers

Most of the leading brands in the Air Cooler segment provide both personal coolers as well as room coolers in varying budgets and features. At MySmartBazaar, you get all the price updates and comparisons of top brands in major e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, TataCliq, Paytm etc. With MySmartBazaar’s authentic and updated information on all products and e-portals, it is easy for you to pick the right cooler at the best available offer, online.

Symphony, the master player in the Air Cooler market, brings you varied options, features and prices to choose from.  The brand’s Diet 12T is a budget-friendly personal cooler and is a great choice for small rooms like a bachelor hub of 99 sq.ft. It is lightweight and portable, making it convenient to be dragged to any room or corner as you wish. 

Getting the best deal on Air Coolers

For larger rooms, Crompton & Greaves’ Desert Cooler 75L is a mighty choice. Sturdy and compact, it is a space-saver while providing strong cooling and doesn’t hum much compared to its capacity!

Hindware Snowcrest Desert Cooler is great for a room with 3-4 people and is budget-friendly. The design is attractive and compact and the airflow speed is high.  Kenstar, the esteemed name in home appliances, comes with its Cyclone-12 which is capable of swinging in 4 directions and provides a far-reaching airflow. The cooler is in a medium-segment, good for 2 persons and has a tank capacity of 50L.

Usha Honeywell’s Desert Air Cooler with a capacity of 55L has 3-speed settings and is designed for a room of 375 sq.ft. Bajaj Icon DC2015 is yet another Desert cooler from the popular Indian brand. It has the capacity of bringing down the heat in a 600 sq.ft room and has a powerful blow. Buy Air Coolers in wholesale. Buy Air Coolers in bulk. Air Coolers deals. Air Coolers for sale. Wholesale Air Coolers. best Air Coolers in India. Air Coolers uses. Air Coolers review. best Air Coolers. best Air Coolers in India.