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Compare And Buy Price List In India – CAMCORDER

As the saying goes,” A picture is worth a thousand words! 

Back then pictures were shot on cameras and motion pictures on video cameras. They were done on two different devices. The video cameras during those early days were huge and heavy. Big pedestals wherein the video recorder was attached supported them. Video cameras were rare and expensive.

But with today’s technology, one single device known as Camcorder does the work of both shooting pictures and recording videos. Camcorders first revolutionized the entertainment industry. They were convenient, cost effective and better than video cameras and recorders. This was not for long, camcorders evolved with time to become a portable handy device. All the components of a camcorder are augmented to good video recording.

Features of a Camcorder:

1. Sensors: The light coming through the lens is transformed into a digital signal that your camcorder records.

2. Zoom Options: Has better magnification.

3. Exposure Control: You can adjust how light, or dark the video should appear.

4. Image Stabilizers: Has a zoom in lens, which gives good image stabilization.

5. Sound: External microphones are attached for added quality and look.

6. Video resolution: Built with standard high definition resolutions.

7. Photo features: Has built-in flash, shutter buttons, and photo scene modes.

8. Frame rates: One of the best features on a camcorder, it captures still frames during recording.

9. Video and Media formats: The video file formats that a camcorder uses are MPEG-2, H.264, and AVCHD. And the media file formats are flash memory and hard disk drive.

10. Face Detection: One of its sophisticated features is the facial recognition and snaps whenever a person smiles.

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