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Compare And Buy Price List In India – CFL BULBS

Since Thomas Edison invented the tungsten bulb and literally lit up the entire world, innovations in  light bulbs have been widely conducted to make it better, greener and cheaper. CFL bulbs or Compact Fluorescent Lamps are one of the best alternatives to the mass market tungsten bulbs, in areas of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. This more energy-efficient option is compact and light-weight with an integrated ballast or current regulator.

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If you are searching for some good options to light up your interiors, verandas or the car porch, you better know how to choose the CFL bulbs. They come in various styles and for different purposes like outdoor CFL, reflectors, dimmable, pin-type CFL etc. When you buy CFL bulbs, always look for the lumen rating rather than the watts, as that determines the real light output.  

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  1. EVEREADY ELD 15W CFL BULBS (WHITE AND PACK OF 3) - One of the most well-known brands in the electric appliance market, the Eveready 15W CFL Bulbs is perfect for home lighting and decorative lighting! This is powered by Voltage Fluctuation Resistance Technology that ensures long life which lasts 6 times longer than standard incandescent lamps and saves up to 80% energy

  2. PHILIPS ESSENTIAL 14 WATT CFL BULB (COOL DAY LIGHT, PACK OF 4) - One of the best-sellers at MySmartBazaar. The popular Philips branded 14W essential CFL bulb gives a great lighting mood to your house/office, featuring up to 80% energy saving!

  3. BAJAJ SPIRAL ECOLUX 35 WATT CFL BULB (WHITE) - The Bajaj Spiral 35W CFL bulb is great for lighting up your drawing room or brightening up your living room! Featuring  glass coating and perfect for day and night use. 

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