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Compare And Buy Price List In India – Computer Access Points

As the people in India adapt more to digital services, the need for faster networking systems is more pronounced than ever.

The astonishingly fast and rapid advancement of computer systems and network technologies has brought us a host of devices that make our lives easier. The multitude of networking accessories can get confusing for customers if there isn’t a proper understanding of the purpose and specifications of each device or gadget.

We at MySmartBazaar know exactly what you need. We collect and curate all the relevante products for you at the click of a button, so that you needn’t spend time browsing and sifting through hundred of products at our website.

On Routers and Access points

There is often a confusion between an access point and a router. Let’s understand what each brings to the networking capabilities of wireless systems.

Routers are network devices that connect many computing devices together, so that the signals can be routed through a single source. Routers also serve the purpose of providing a single point access to all the compatible devices connected to it.

Access points however, act as a portal for wireless connections that make a secure connection to a local area network. Access points are used extensively for “extending” the range and coverage of the wireless device. Access points ensure high-speed connectivity and transformation of a wired signal into a wireless one.

Let’s check out the best-selling access points networking devices on MySmartBazaar, to increase your wireless connectivity needs!

  1. CISCO WAP321 300 MBPS WIRELESS-N SELECTABLE-BAND ACCESS POINT The Cisco Wireless Access Point is one of the premium products on MySmartBazaar. It runs on the latest Windows platforms and features great web configuration, quick, easy and secure wireless setup.

  2. TP-LINK CPE510 300 MBPS ACCESS POINT - This is an expert-picked product and highly recommended one too, if you are looking to extend the range of your wireless system. The product has a wireless access point. a single power supply unit, power injector, a useful resource CD and for helpful setup a quick installation guide.

  3. TENDA W300A WIRELESS POE ACCESS POINT - The Tenda Access Point has consistently been a top seller, the product is great to cover every corner of the house. It has three antenna units, supports on the latest windows platform and has a powerful access point of 2.4 - 2.4835 GHz. 

Access points are great additions to your networking devices. Find the latest products and more at MySmartBazaar. It is the 2nd largest comparison website with over 200-million plus users who visit the platform annually for a great shopping experience. It is a one-stop solution for all electronics and gadget needs in a truly bazaar feel-like experience. 

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