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Compare And Buy Price List In India – Computer-Switches

Have you ever wondered how one computer connects to another one? For many people it might seem like a mystery, for some (the nerds) it is purely code and for the general public, it is a mix of both! Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand through which device, a computer is connected to a network. and  when does a computer switch come into play.

What is a computer switch? The switch is like a gate, that allows for a connection to be ‘open’ or ‘close’. When the switch is open, that switch permits for the signal to flow and when that switch is closed, it breaks the connection. Early designs of computers used switches as a form of input. 

Switches are essential hardware devices that filter signals according to the commands and network packets received by the computer. Computer switches are more advanced than network switches or routers.  

Choosing the best – Computer-Switches

MySmartBazaar believes in empowering our valued customers with all accessories and tools that make for a productive and powerful system, buying and choosing the best computer switch is one of them.

Let’s check some of the best and latest computer switches available at MySmartBazaar that make for a great networking accessory. 

  1. TP-LINK TL-SF1008P 8-PORT 10/100 DESKTOP SWITCH - The TP Link TL SF1008P is one of the latest computer switches available in the MySmartBazaar portfolio. This device comes with a host of features such as 8-Port 100 Mbps speed with 4 ports, FCC, Certification and with additional power adapter, user guide.

  2. CISCO (SG95-24) 24 PORT GIGABIT SWITCH - From the US brand, CISCO - the SG95 is a great hardware device that makes for great connectivity and speed. It features the Cisco 1U Rackmount  and almost weighs close to a cricket ball.

  3. TP-LINK TL-SF1016DS 16-Port 10/100Mbps - This high-performance 100mbps switch is a steal deal product. Available at MySmartBazaar, this product features a 100Mbps desktop switch with a  dedicated power adapter and user guide. Furthermore, it has High Performance, Non-blocking Switching Architecture, Supports MAC Address auto-learning and auto-aging features with a fanless design. 

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