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Compare And Buy Price List In India – DIGITAL THERMOMETER

One of the handiest and basic components in your home medical aid kit must be a thermometer. A digital one, to be precise. Digital thermometers are meant to be handy and convenient. They are more accurate, fast and easy to read too. You need not squint your eyes to measure those mercury levels!

They are inexpensive and do not require maintenance unlike our traditional glass thermometers. But do you need to think too much over buying something as ordinary as a thermometer? Well, you have to, if issues like a leaking battery or a new set with an empty battery pack or even more, a dilly-dallying reading could get on your nerves.

There are quite a handful of digital thermometers in the market and none of them are uniform and they all come with their own little features. A little homework before the purchase will help you to buy the one that is apt for your home and your family members.

Numerous Kinds of Digital Thermometers

Even within a the small universe of digital thermometers there do exist many variants. Like the  Omron MC 720 Non-contact infrared digital thermometer that is exclusively for use on the forehead and can read the temperature in 1 second! Ideal for kids and the ailing elderly. 

Then there is the MCP Medical Infrared  Forehead Thermometer Gun whose display screen has backlights that change colours according to the varying body temperatures. You just point the nozzle to the skin and press the trigger à la Mr.Bond! Thermometers have never been so thrilling!

Choosing the best – Digital Thermometers

Then there is the fertility thermometer from Toshiba that helps expecting mothers to keep themselves updated on their monthly cycles by tracking the body temperature. And you never knew one such existed!

Hot news from the thermal world doesn't end there! You need to browse and read the specifications well before blindly buying anything labeled as a digital thermometer. 

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