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Price List In India - DISHWASHERS

Exhausted with the daily dump of greasy vessels? And still, contemplating the necessity of a dishwasher? Perhaps we could help. MySmartBazaar can show you precisely why you need one to ease your burden and help you pick the one that suits your needs!

In today’s clogged-out daily life, you need either a highly-paid maid or a high-end device to keep your home and your brains from spilling off! Prices and product comparison of some of the leading brands in home appliances at MySmartBazaar will show you how a perfect dishwasher could leave your kitchen hassle-free!

The disturbing pile of dirty dishes can be a sore-spot especially during the weekends or right after a home-party. Leading brands like LG and Bosch have great choices with adjustable racks, and large tubs with good capacity to accommodate deep cooking-pot, pots, and pans.

If you are the type who loves to sit back and relax after a good meal and not worry about the ‘stained’ steels in the kitchen sink, then Bosch’s Free-standing 12 place-settings dishwasher can give your spine a good stretch! With its auto-programming, you may just load the vessels and let the machine do the grind!

Steel utensils are an integral part of Indian kitchens. You cannot do away with them. But keeping them smiling and sparkling after an oil-dipped recipe or extreme burns can be challenging. IFB’s three-tiered dishwashers are designed to fit the Indian kitchens like a glove. With their hallmark of efficiency, IFB dishwashers handle stainless steel in an impeccable way. The Italian brand Elica’s Indianised models are also great choices to deal with those stubborn stains.

Almost all the top-notch brands featured at MySmartBazaar, come with a variety of key features like multi-wash programs and filter systems, time delay, less energy and water consumption, steam dry, hygienic & quick wash, Eco-silence etc. With precise descriptions and updated prices, you just need to flip through and choose yours!