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Once humans discovered the fire, lives around them changed. With the onset of the industrial revolution, the inventions to control fire through industrial & kitchen appliances has led to a lot of change socially and environmentally. Gas stoves are designed with the purpose to cook food and create new types of recipes without the risk of getting burnt with fire. Gas stoves work on the principle of application of direct heat for the cooking process and often this application is also used for baking. Gas stoves are generally different from “Cook Stoves” or “Wood Stoves” because of the latter(s) use burning of wood or coal for heating but the former use “gas” for heating the food.

Fire up your life 
The relative adoption of 
gas stoves to all middle-class households in India has been slowly happening as the income of this category of people has been on the rise. In the past decade, almost ninety-percent of these households have purchased a gas stove!
Kitchen appliances are fast becoming goods that are bought and sold by thousands of people online. Earlier the apprehension to purchase these goods was accompanied by the fact that homemakers, couples & even chefs wanted to touch and feel the product while also wanting to try and test the product before taking the call.
Having said that, the online sales of gas stoves have seen an upward movement. This has led to the rise in the adoption of electric stoves that you can find at 

Choosing the best – gas stoves

Modern gas stoves are built with extractor hoods. Professional chefs often prefer gas stoves over other(s) because it allows for an easy and effective way to control the heat while also being compact and slimmer.  All major brands available at 
MySmartBazaar offer both gas and electric options and some even offer dual-fuel variants in the segment.

With so many brands available now, buying a kitchen appliance sometimes becomes time-consuming and hectic, so we at
 MySmartBazaar are determined to make this process easier for you by listing products from the best e-tailers with customer ratings that are real, deals that steal your heart and choices that make your drool!

Check out some of the latest gas stoves available only 
MySmartBazaar —

  1. EVEREADY GS TGC4B SS 4B GLASS TOP GAS COOKTOP - From the famous brand EverReady, the 4B Glass Cooktop is one that will delight all customers from all backgrounds. With Heat Resistant Toughened Glass that makes sure, the gas stove has a long life, the EverReady 4B is one for the taking!

  2. PRESTIGE PHT-02 GAS COOKTOP (2 BURNER) - Prestige, which is one of the best gas stove manufacturers in the country brings you the PHT Glass Cooktop featuring 2 years of warranty. This also comes with energy-saving mode, it is easy to clean and is the world’s slimmest gas stove.

  3. KAFF KC-70-GBK 3 BURNER GAS COOKTOP - KAFF is one of India’s most trusted brand that offers a wide variety of gas stoves that fulfills your kitchen appliance needs. The KAFF KC-70-GBK has a black body finish with black toughened glass and forged burners that lead to longer shelf life. 

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