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Compare And Buy Price List In India – GEYSER

Nothing soothes the body and mind like a hot water bath, especially during the harsh winters or the loud monsoons. Though solar panels have become a norm in India, you still need a good geyser to take a hot bath on a frozen, sun-less winter morning!

Choosing the best – GEYSER

Geysers are generally of two types – storage and instant. An ideal geyser heats up with less time and simultaneously do not consume much power. While buying a geyser you need to check on the capacity of the geyser, the power consumption and the material of the storage tank. The capacity should be considered according to your family requirements and members. 

The wattage of a normal efficient geyser in the market is 1500-3000 watts. The more wattage, the sooner the water heats up.  As for the material of the body, stainless steel scores over copper and thermostatic with its anti-corrosive nature and glass coating, which eliminates corrosion, requires less maintenance and has better insulation.

Getting the best deal on a GEYSER

The leading players in the market for geysers are AO Smith, Racold, V-Guard, Crompton Greaves, Bajaj, Havells etc. If you are here because you are confused over which brand to go for, then you are at the right place. MySmartBazaar provides you with the right information on all the products and brands with up-to-date price comparisons and best deals. Browsing at MySmartBazaar will help you choose the product and brand of your choice in no time. 

One of the top manufacturers of geysers, AO Smith, brings HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage water heater with two storage capacities of 15L and 25L. It has a blue diamond glass lined inner tank with double protection and glass coated heating element.

The Bajaj New Shakti geyser comes with 10L and 15L storage capacities and has a glass-lined inner tank, highly efficient heating element and power-saving features. V-Guard’s 15L water heater is a great choice in that category with a 5-star rated water heater, standard quality anti-corrosive steel body and high durability.  Morphy Richards brings you various models ranging from 6 litres to 25 litres and the brand’s 10-litre water heater is a good bet in the category with its 5-star ratings and climate control settings. Buy Geyser in wholesale. Buy Geyser in bulk. Geyser deals. Geyser for sale. Wholesale Geyser. best Geyser in India. Geyser uses. Geyser review. best Geyser. the best Geyser in India 2020.