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When people set-up a new home or are in need of some renovation work, the thought of hand tools crops up into peoples’ minds. One doesn’t think about hand tools frequently. They are thought of more as a utility tool than everyday purpose one. 

Utility tool at for every need

Since the time of the Stone Age, hand tools have been around. The earliest man used tools made out of stone or wood to hunting, hammering or cutting. As the years became decades, there wasn’t much innovation when it came to hand tools. However, with the onset of the Bronze Age, hand tools saw an evolution - now humans started using tools made by casting copper and tin alloys. The innovation used here was that hand tools made by Bronze were that they didn’t break easily, were much sharper and stronger.

Following that, the Roman empire saw a brief period of innovation in hand tool making. Later, the British empire made the manufacture of hands tools into a more streamlined and faster process. The modern hand tool is lightweight, compact and multi-purpose, unlike its predecessors.

Getting the best deal on a hand tools

Today, almost every household has a hand tool set kit for emergency and utility purposes. The most common customer for hands tools is hardware shop owners, plumbers, repair workers or maintenance service, people.

The modern hand tool can be classified broadly into — screwdrivers, nut drivers, wrenches, sockets, ratchets, extensions, pliers, hammers, mallets, axes.

This wide range of hand tools is readily available at MySmartBazaar. The popular ones are listed below. 

  1. TAPARIA INSULATED LIMEMAN COMBINATION CUTTING PLIER - A plier such as this one can be multi-purpose, for electrical cutting as well as non-electrical cutting. The features include - good quality, easy to use and long-lasting handles.

  2. NEM EN0117 MULTIPURPOSE YAJUN WRENCH SET - With no assembly required for this wrench set. The multipurpose Yajun Wrench Set is an extremely useful tool to have it your toolkit. Its’ features include - A plastic grip, handles and wrench that has stainless steel and is really durable with 2 Pcs Wrench (Small & Large).

  3. TAPARIA 821 SCREWDRIVER SET - A screwdriver set is extremely necessary for any hand tool set. This tool from the known brand Taparia. Consisting of high-grade steel and transparent green cellulose. Also, get wide a variety of tips included in the pack.  

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