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Photographers and videographers make possibilities behind lenses. A cloudy day can be turned into something very beautiful in blinks of moments. Lenses play a very crucial role in cameras and therefore comprehend the saying “change your lens, change your story”, lenses are the most valuable pieces of equipment - it is a photographer’s weapon.

Cameras come with lenses and additional lenses and these additional lens tags along with lens accessories. For example, MySmartBazaar has many lens add-ons that you can use to maximize the overall performance of your digital camera lenses. They have accessories to shield the lens from external harm like lens caps and hoods. Visit MySmartBazaar website today to discover lens caps and hoods, cases, bands and wraps and many more.

Purpose of Lens Caps

A lens cap or lens cover gives shield from scratches, residue or dust and minor crashes for the  camera and camcorder lenses when they are not being utilized. There are numerous choices with regards to lens caps, identifying and choosing is ideal for your necessities.

Features of Lens Caps

There are two types of lens caps, Front and Rear.

Front Lens cap consists of Snap-on, Push-on, and Proprietary Caps. Snap-on is fixed inside the ring on the camera lens and is suitable only for lenses that use filters. Push-on are fixed over the lens and this makes them non effective in comparison to Snap on and hence are popular. And Proprietary Caps are customized for certain lenses only; they are uniquely made to give more coverage.

Rear lens caps come in three types, Bubble levels, Screw-on and Push-on. These lenses are only used at the rear of the camera when the lenses are removed. Bubble Level caps are used in cameras that have a bayonet mount and are attached by locking and twisting on the camera lens. Screw-on caps are used in lenses that have threaded mounts and Push-on the most common and are used over the mount of the cameras.

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