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Compare And Buy Price List In India – Camera Lens cleaner

Despite the surge of hi-tech mobiles that keep getting updated with multiple cameras, and features, the good old DSLR cameras still rule. And so does the lens. You know the difference especially if you are a keen photographer. You will know that a great choice of lens changes the entire view! 

Every accessory that is used will eventually get dirty and need good care, and in a camera the lenses are prone to dirt. Lens becomes more vulnerable to scratches and damage because of the advanced coating and chemicals added to them. Finger prints, touching of the lens and dust are inevitable. So, proper care and cleaning is needed.  There are millions of cleaning products available and the internet has just made our lives easier. In case you would like to choose the best and most sensitive cleanser  for your camera lens, try MySmartBazaar.

At MySmartBazaar, take a look at all different types of lens cleaners available online and make your choice:

Air Blower

Blowing over the lens with the use of your mouth damages the lens of the camera, the acids in your saliva are harmful for the lens. So, one of the best ways of cleaning away dust is by using an Air Blower. This method averts compressed air.

Advice: In-case you have an outdoor shoot don’t forget to pack this helper!


Brushing off the dust is another way to clean your lens, but only with a help of a high quality brush that’s out in the market. Use brushes that are made out of camel or goat hair, this material will help from scratching the lens.

Advice: Do not touch the bristles with your fingers or else your lens will look smudged after it is cleaned.

Microfiber Cloth and Tissue

The most popular cleaning tools are Microfiber cloth, they are washable and easy to carry. Tissue or in other words cleaning wipes cannot be reused but are relatively lesser in price.

Advice: Do not use cotton cloth and facial tissue as they are abrasive and can streak your lens.

Cleaning Liquid

These liquids remove fingerprints and smears with no streaks. Utilizing the perfect amount of liquid—a drop or two is important. Using more liquid on the lens will harm your camera's optics, and also the liquid can flow inside it.

Advice:  Do not use household window cleaners, use only lens-cleaning solutions.

Tips for good cleaning, use an air blower or a brush to remove dust, use little liquid on the microfiber cloth or tissue and clean in circular motions. All these three essential products are available at MySmartBazaar, India’s leading online price comparison website. You name it - you find it at MySmartBazaar.

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