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Compare And Buy Price List In India - Lens Hoods

Lens hoods are the lightweight caps that you see on your expensive camera lenses. It is these hoods or covers that make the camera look attractive and professional. However, that’s not it! A lens hood also comes with interesting features that make it an ideal component of a camera one always looks for. A lens cover or hood protects your camera lens from dust, heat flares and the durability of the camera while at the same time keeping the photograph quality intact. It also helps stretch that block light from damaging your pictures in addition to giving an extra layer of security to physical damage.

What Can MySmartBazaar Offer?

There are various different types of lens hoods available in the marketplace and if you have an interest towards photography - nature or street, no matter which, you definitely would know a lot about photography at least to start off with. If you are looking for professional and high quality lens hoods for protecting your cameras, then it is quite important to know which best suits your requirement. MySmartBazaar, an online price comparison platform, not only allows you to browse through multiple lens hoods of different brands and price ranges being sold across leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq and so on, but also compare them with respect to prices as well as their specifications.

Types of Hoods

There are primarily two types of hood available throughout the marketplace - round hoods and tulip hoods. While the latter, as from its name, suggests that these are more like petals of flowers and rate highly in terms of design and looks. Don’t get boggled by the design because this is the design that would allow the photographer to block every single piece of extra light and hence is an ideal choice often for nature photographers. You can check out the Canon EW-73B tulip hood at MySmartBazaar which is priced around INR 10K.

This does not mean around the hood is bad. There are several telephoto lenses that prefer round hood lenses for their amazing simplicity. At MySmartBazaar, you will also find the Nikon HB-26 is attractively priced at about INR 1.6K with a bayonet mount top style.

If you are not a professional photographer and looking for something just to try out, you may go for the Sonio RLH55 55mm 3 in 1 rubber lens hood which is also available at MySmartBazaar.

If you are planning to buy a lens hood, it is a good time you check out and compare various hoods at our website and also get information on latest deals and offers.

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