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Compare And Buy Price List In India – Microphones

A big event is on the way for you. You are in the team and you need it to be top-class. Microphones are like an assistant to you, they amplify your voice, help you reach the farthest person in the audience and it makes or breaks your event. So why compromise on such a crucial factor that makes you one of the known faces in the success of the event?

Gadget for fun & work
Microphones are an investment that can lead to both fun and work. It can be a great addition to your house parties for Karaoke! Or just plain singing!
While at work, or a conference meeting it will be a great compliment while doing a presentation or pitching the next big idea to the board of directors.

You can bet on us
Nobody really gives it much thought while purchasing a microphone, but it becomes important when it’s a matter of pride! 

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Getting the best deal on a Microphone

So for your next big meeting or conference try the - AHUJA AGN-480 MICROPHONE at the podium. It is sleek, small and has great fidelity to address a crowd of over 100 people! It is a bit fit for a huge conference hall.

Or you might be thinking of karaoke for your next house party then go for - SAMSON CONCERT 277 TRUE DIVERSITY UHF WIRELESS MICROPHONE SYSTEM, that is wireless and has great voice pickup to reach the farthest corners of your house!

Or on the same price range, find the - AKG WMS470 VOCAL SET, a great addition for your home theatre system! Having a great fidelity and vocal modulation thus makes one of our bestsellers and comes at a great price.

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