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Compare And Buy Price List In India – Nebulizer 

This pocket-sized device which many of us might be familiar with is often a life-saver. Especially for people suffering with asthma, the Nebulizer helps patients in assisting their breathing. Delivering a similar kind of medication as metered-dose inhalers, Nebulizer are  easier and simpler medical devices than the former. Nebulizers are preferable for children as well who aren't old enough to use inhalers. 

The pocket sized life-saver

The primary function of Nebulizers is to turn liquid medicine into an inhalable vapour for treating asthma. They are different from inhalers which can be meter-dosed or dry, depending on the use case. Though dry inhalers can be easier to use than metered ones that are often tricky, over time & practice people get used to it.

Choosing the best – Nebulizer

Nebulizers on the other hand are available in electric or battery-powered versions. These are pocket-sized medical devices that come in handy whenever required. Some of the Nebulizers are also powered by electric current and those are meant to be plug and use. The design of a Nebulizer is fairly simple, a small base holds an air compressor which is fitted with another container for liquid medicine - these connect to an air compressor that enables the formation of the mist. A mouthpiece is fitted for the patient to be able to inhale the mist as and when required.

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Take a look at the Nebulizers that sell like hot-cakes at MySmartBazaar

1.         NULIFE HANDYNEB NEBULIZER - From our best seller category, this device is a premium product from Nu-life, a leader in manufacturing nebulizers. This product is durable, handy and available in simple white color

2.         OMRON NE-C25 COMPRESSOR NEBULIZER The Omron NE-25 is perhaps the most bought product from the house of Omron. It’s compressor technology and easy to carry case are one the best in the business

3.         DR. TRUST JUNIOR COMPRESSOR NEBULIZER - Sporting a fun design and designed especially for kids, the Dr. Trust Nebulizer is one of a kind. It’s high-quality nebulizer is effective for coughing, wheezing, asthma, COPD and other pulmonary problems. This product is a must for all households that have  children who suffer from increasing respiratory problems.

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