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Compare And Buy Price List In India – PEDOMETER

Pedometer isn't a very familiar term in our vocabulary, but slowly gaining popularity among health-freaks who are adopting a conscious lifestyle. With the growing consumption of junk food, multiplying ailments, increased hours of work and reduced hours of exercise, it has become essential for most people to try out smarter ways of monitoring their health on a daily basis. Pedometers have gained immense popularity and can be seen on almost everyone’s wrists these days.

Whether you are taking a stroll in the park or hitting the gym for a brisk treadmill exercise, wearing a pedometer allows you to take control of your health every minute. You can connect it easily with your smartphone and extend its functionalities. The marketplace is flooded with a gamut of pedometers of varying styles, features and prices. MySmartBazaar is a one stop solution for comparing and finding the right pedometer for your needs.

Why MySmartBazaar?

MySmartBazaar is a leading price comparison platform where you can compare brands and prices of products from across popular e-commerce giants such as Flipkart or Amazon. At MySmartBazaar you not only find a variety of pedometers to compare, but can also check out the latest offers and deals on the various brands.

Types of Pedometers

The Lifesource XL-20 wireless activity monitor pedometer, priced at around INR 6.5k, comes at an economical price and allows you to track your goals as well as connect to a PC/Laptop using a USB data cable. If you are looking for a more basic pedometer, then you may go for the Omron HJ-325-ABP pedometer, that accurately tracks the number of steps you have walked and calculates the calories burnt. This is a compact pedometer that can easily fit your pocket with a stylish strap. The Tanita PD724 3 axes pedometer comes with a 7 day memory function besides a security strap and other basic functionalities and is competitively priced at just INR 1000.

At MySmartBazaar, we ensure the latest and most reliable information on deals and offers on popular e-commerce portals on products from leading brands. We ensure our buyers have the right information before making a purchase

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