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The concept of pressure cookers has been around since the 16th-century. In an attempt to make food faster, the French physicist Denis Papin - who was a pioneering researcher in the studies of steam introduced the “steam digester”. This airtight cooker harnessed the power of steam to raise the boiling temperature of the water, therefore making food cook faster. The modern pressure cooker, built on relatively the same principle is much faster, efficient, safe and reliable than its’ predecessor from the 16th century! We at MySmartBazaar have the latest and best pressure cookers available for you to choose from!

Take cooking to the next level!

It is quite unimaginable to think of cooking food without the help of pressure cookers. Every household, big or small, has at least one 
pressure cooker to serve their needs of cooking delicious food quicker and sometimes tastier!

It’s quite simple really, 
pressure cookers have been around for a long time and are used in industries kitchens as well as household ones. The ability to cook food up to seventy-percent faster than conventional cooking methods is much more than a boon!  Just place ingredients in the pot, seal it with the lid and let the pressure do all the work. The tight lid seal retains food’s natural nutrients and properties more than other cooking methods and is better for cooking healthier and faster meals.  

Choosing the best – pressure cooker

Faster cooking means less energy consumption in your home and also, a reduced gas bill. As the adoption of 
pressure cookers have increased in Indian households the no.of pressure cookers that are bought online has also been growing. Having said that, the online sales of pressure cookers and other kitchen appliances have seen a rise. This has led to MySmartBazaar providing our valued customers with a host of options and renowned brands to choose from.

With multiple brands available online, buying a 
pressure cooker can sometimes become a time-consuming task, so we at MySmartBazaar are determined to make this process easier for you by listing products from the best e-tailers with customer ratings that are real, deals that steal your heart and choices that make your drool!

Check out the best range of 
pressure cookers available at MySmartBazaar and buy yours now!

  1. PRESTIGE POPULAR ALUMINIUM JUNIOR DEEP PAN 4.1 L PRESSURE COOKER - From the house of Prestige, one of the most loved brands in kitchen appliances comes the popular 4.1L pressure cooker with a 5-year warranty! This cooker is made of high-quality raw materials, featuring an elegant design with a splendid finish. The sleeker handles allow for a better grip. And is a gas compatible pressure cooker with Anti-Bulge Base!

  2. PRISTINE SPC5 STAINLESS STEEL 5 L PRESSURE COOKER - You can prepare a range of recipes from delicious hot soups, savoury entrees, great boiled chicken and tasty desserts with the Pristine Stainless Steel 5L Pressure Cooker. This is a grade-A stainless steel cooker that works on an induction top and gas top.

  3. PRESTIGE CLIP-ON HANDI HARD ANODIZED ALUMINIUM 5 L PRESSURE COOKER - Having a 5L capacity that is made with made from the highest grade of stainless steel available in the marketplace, this pressure cooker can resist heat and doesn’t let the food stick to the walls of the pressure cooker. Working on every type of stove, this is designed to maintain perfect heat balance for optimal results. You can brown, saute, and sear foods in order to develop amazing flavours.  The safety interlocking technique of the lid with top-handle which provides for easy operation.  The professional side handles, make lifting and carrying balanced and secure.

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