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Compare And Buy Price List In India – PULSE OXIMETER

In our busy lifestyle, we often ignore our health and well-being until a major circumstance arises. Many of us do not even run periodic basic health checks to understand the condition of our body. However, most of us have some basic medical devices at home that can measure and record parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, body fat and others. One such device that we should keep handy for healthcare is the Pulse Oximeter.

A pulse oximeter is a device to monitor the saturation of oxygen in your blood and changes in the blood volume of the skin. Generally, these are measured by blood tests. The readings in a pulse oximeter gives a photoplethysmogram which can be further used for measuring other parameters. The devicer basically monitors how well your heart is pumping blood and circulating through your body. This is very beneficial for people with conditions directly or indirectly related to the heart.

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