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In a diversified nation like India, we have different cuisines and flavours from different parts of the country. Each of them has their significance and different communities have their own dining styles and delicacies. In North Indian, roti or phulka made of wheat or other pulses is a must have during their meals. Often, it becomes a bit tedious to make rotis standing in front of the stove, especially during the summers. Also, rotis are best when they are made fresh and consumed immediately. Hence, many find it is difficult to roll the dough and make rotis ones by one. This is where a roti maker comes in handy.

A roti maker runs on electricity. You need to put in a portion of the dough in the centre and then press it hard by putting pressure on the handle. Then, you need to wait for a few seconds and gradually you will see a fluffy, round roti coming out. You can also smear the surfaces with a bit of oil to avoid sticking. With roti maker, you can enjoy steaming hot, fresh roti whenever you want to. Also, it makes it easy to make rotis in bulk, saving both time and effort. It is easy to clean as well. Once done, you can let it cool down and wipe off the flat discs with a wet cloth.

Choosing the best – Roti Makers

You will find roti makers from different brands online. However, there is a very limited difference in the features as the working mechanism remains the same. MySmartBazaar has a good repository of roti makers from top brands like Prestige, Bajaj, Jaipan, Havells and others. You can check the specifications for each product in the description and take a call. You can compare the price of each product with other websites to choose the best deal. Some of the roti makers can also be used as a dosa or khakhra maker.

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A roti maker will be a great addition to your kitchen to enjoy fresh and fluffy home-made rotis.