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Spike surge protectors

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As summer slowly sets in, the number of electronic gadgets buzzing round-the-clock also spike up. And with the heatwave, comes those unpredictable summer thunderstorms! You cannot run around the house in lightning speed to unplug all those electronic paraphernalia at the very first roar! If not properly backed-up by surge protectors, your precious electronics could be ravaged by those thunderbolts.

Why your home needs surge protectors

Surge protectors protect your electronics from voltage extremities by absorbing the excess voltage and preventing the power surge from reaching down to the plugged electronics. MySmartBazaar helps you sort through some of the best brands that ensure your expensive gadgets from blowing off during such unanticipated power spikes.

Power surges often occur when electricity is disrupted due to any external or internal factors and then resumes to normal. Internal power surges are more common and happen in every household as the current flow fluctuates for various reasons. External power surges are caused by a broken power line, lightning or damaged transformers. 

Best spike surge protectors in India

Renowned names in electronic appliances like Belkin, GoldMedal, Honeywell etc have an extensive range of well-built surge protectors with great features that keep the gadgets armoured against such unexpected power outages.  GoldMedal’s surge products provide best home automation against lightning. 

Power variations cause more harm to your gadgets that have microprocessors in them. Strong voltage fluctuations though unnoticed could result in electronic rust. A surge protector is very much like insurance for your cherished appliances like tabs, notebooks, gaming devices, television sets or mobile phones.

Belkin’s surge protectors, come with 3-line protection that ensures extra safety and responds within nanoseconds. The multi-socket models are just right for students or users who need to plug in many appliances at a time. Even if you have wisely roped in good surge protectors, they too need to be replaced over time.