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Water Dispenser

We are living in a time when pure drinking water is as precious as gold and as rare as it could get! A water dispenser could be the most elemental ingredient to a household, often topping the list of your essentials when you move into a new town. Water dispensers come in various forms. They could provide your filtered water in a replaceable water can, or filter the water from a water pipe, or in more technologically advanced versions, can not only filter but keep it cool as well.

Water Dispensers at MySmartBazaar

If you are here searching for a good one to buy online, and troubled over which one fits your bill and suits your purpose, then we are here to help! MySmartBazaar provides you with umpteen choices to browse through, compare prices and decide on the best online shopping portal to buy from. We display a varied list of water dispensers from table-top models to free-standing and wall-mounted. Our detailed product specifications and up-to-date prices and discount offers will help you buy the best water dispenser for your home or office at the most reasonable price.

Types of Water Dispensers

The most popular models for common and handy water dispensers are table-top water dispensers as they are convenient for home, offices and small spaces. The top-loader or free-standing water dispensers are generally easy to use and widely used. The wall-mounted water dispensers are popular with households as they do not take any space as the free-standing ones or table-tops.

What should you look for while buying a water dispenser? Is it too complicated to get something as easy as a water filter? Well, depends on how pure and safe you want your drinking water to be! Other than the price and water capacity, features like power consumption, outer assembly, child-lock, heat & cool options etc, to name a few, need to be considered while buying a water dispenser. MySmartBazaar showcases some of the top brands like Bluestar, Voltas and Usha that offer you great features, good warranty period, after-sales services and more.

Leading Water Dispenser Brands 

Bluestar, one of the leading names in home appliances and especially the top brand in water dispensers, brings you BWD3FMRGA which comes with hot, cool and normal water temperature options and has a 14-litre refrigerator at the bottom that facilitates storage. This food grade approved model is suitable for offices and large households. Though with impressive features the model doesn’t eat into your power consumption and does a pretty quiet operation too!

Voltas, India’s very own familiar and trusted name in electronics and home appliances, has a good range of water dispensers with budget-friendly prices and amazing features. The  Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser from the brand is an environment-friendly, non-CFC refrigerant that has 3 temperature options. With a 3 litres/hr cooling capacity and 4 litres/hr heating capacity this free-standing model comes in sleek design and suits both office as well as home use. The model comes with a 1 year warranty inclusive of all manufacturing defects.

The reliable and desi brand Usha’s water dispensers are tailor-made for Indian household use and offer appreciable features that would fit your requisitions to a T.  The popular Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser gives you hot, cool or normal drinking water within the tick of time! The model has child-lock and has a compact design that would fit any cosy apartment corner! With a storage capacity of 18 litres, the water dispenser sports antibacterial faucets, non-corrosive storage cabinets and an environmental-friendly refrigerant.

Whatever be your choice, have a great shopping experience at MySmartBazaar and avail amazing deals and discounts for your chosen brand at some of the popular e-portals like Amazon and Flipkart.

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