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The world is going wireless and so are our speakers. Wireless speakers have become one of the most important parts of the audio industry. They are an ideal choice as it's not only handy but it also frees us from the wire chaos. Wireless speakers are very versatile in nature and can be used anywhere within the transmission range. Freeing us from the complications of plugging and unplugging, wireless speakers are portable and fit into spaces comfortably. 

Wireless speakers are power friendly and consume very low power, which makes them the perfect choice to be used outdoors for a camping trip, picnicor near a swimming pool. Being more aesthetically pleasing, wireless speakers come in all shapes and sizes making it more loved by consumers.  Compared to bulky wired speakers, wireless speakers can be really budget- friendly and easy to buy.


Two of the most common technologies used in wireless speakers are Radio frequency and infra-Red. Infra- red system transmits the signal via the infrared technology, whereas RF uses radio waves which can pass through physical obstructions.

Bluetooth and wi-fi

The data files are compressed by both bluetooth and wi-fi speakers to play  music on the speaker. While wi-fi speakers can be connected anywhere within the wi-fi signal range, bluetooth speakers have to be within a particular range to be functioned.

Compatibility with Smartphones and Laptops

One of the most lucrative features of wireless speakers is that they are compatible with most of the smartphones and laptops available. It does not require any specific technicality to use them. They are easy to connect  via bluetooth and work seamlessly without any spatial restrictions once connected. Not only for music, but most of the wireless speakers support hands free calls. 

Choosing the best

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